Haiti’s Children’s Hope

Our mission is bringing HOPE to vulnerable children in Haiti through FOOD, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, and sharing the GOOD NEWS of the Bible.


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Our Mission

According to the statement of Jesus in Matthew 25:35, HCH exist to advocate for vulnerable children. To assist poor children, to become true honest Christian citizens, able to change their communities and their country.

To do this, HCH is committed to preaching the Gospel of Christ, while taking into account the spiritual, social, economic and physical needs of each child, in keeping with Jesus’ growth model.

About Haiti

Haiti is a small country in the Carribean Sea that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to the west.

  • Haitian Creole and French are the spoken languages
  • Haiti gained its Independence from France in 1804
  • Over the centuries economic, political, and social difficulties, as well as natural disasters, have beset Haiti with chronic poverty
  • Education is mandatory from ages 6-12 but most children attend private or church run schools due to lack of government resources
  • Just over 50% of the adult population is literate
  • 80% of the population lives on less than $2/day