Our Story

Our Goal

To strengthen Haitian churches as they satisfy the spiritual, physical, social and economic needs of their communities.

Jacob Wilson
US Director of HCH
Lincoln, NE

Jacob first visited Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. He went to find his sponsored child with Compassion International. During that visit he met our Haitian leaders on a bus. They boldly shared their vision in broken English and asked him to be a part of it.

Jacob believes the future of Haiti will be impacted through supporting Haitian leaders who are investing in future generations to bring hope, growth and a better life. He believes the hope of Jesus Christ will continue to spread throughout Haiti as they share the Bible and also meet the physical needs of their communities.

Jacob has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. He served as a pilot for 43 years and as an Aviation Safety Inspector for 23 years.

HCH has a Haitian board of directors based out of their local church along with a leadership team in the United States that provides accountability, direction, and financial support.

*All HCH executive leaders serve as volunteers.

HCH Founders

Due to the unrest in Haiti, we have removed the names & photos of our Haitian leadership team.

Haiti’s Children’s Hope began with the vision of a special couple in the Leogane area. They invited children to their yard each Saturday for food & a chance to learn about the Bible. Before they knew it they had 300 children coming each Saturday for three years.

In 2012 HCH was founded when this couple partnered with two other Haitian leaders and an American. The weekend gatherings of children soon became a School and Kids Club where they could learn, grow and have their physical needs met.

The founding couple continues to impact future generations at HCH by leading Kids Clubs, overseeing our properties, providing pastoral care and helping feed 6000 meals monthly.

HCH Haiti
Country Director

Due to the unrest in Haiti, we have removed the names & photos of our Haitian leadership team.

The Co-Founder and Haitian director of HCH is an incredible man. He grew up in the area and has always valued sharing the gospel and investing in his community. His unique experience growing up in a Christian school created a passion to do the same for other children. He is fiercely committed to financial integrity. He provides the vision and oversight for current + future HCH programs. He’s well equipped to do this with a Master’s Degree in Theology + a Master’s Degree in Education.

He also serves as:

  • ​Director of Ministry for Christian development, a training facility for elders and deacons in church leadership.
  • ​Board Member at Compassion International Haiti and Read to Rise Haiti
  • Volunteer at Theological Seminary

HCH Accountant + Construction Engineer + Architect

Due to the unrest in Haiti, we have removed the names & photos of our Haitian leadership team.

Our Accountant loves the children of Haiti because he grew up as they are. He seeks to improve their lives by offering his many skills to serve HCH. He also serves as the architect for HCH’s buildings and grounds. He oversees all construction, employing Haitian workers who are grateful for the work and income this provides.

He has been instrumental in making the HCH campus a fantastic environment for learning {education link}, receiving food {link}+ clean water, medical care {link} and more.

He has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and teaches at seven local universities including:

  • University of Port-au-Prince
  • Nurses College of Leogane
  • Fodwa Veterinarian School
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