Community Development


HCH is intentional about serving our local community

Goat Program

HCH is meeting the needs of local families. One way we do this is by providing a goat and the education needed to make that goat a source of nutrition and income for the family. We have provided over 100 goats to families that now have a steady source of nutrition. We would like to expand this as more funds come in.

Clean Water

The school’s clean water well is the only one in the community and is available to the public to collect clean water.

Emergency Food

During times of severe unrest, we have been able to provide emergency food distribution in our area and even support other schools in this way.

Teacher Education

The school offers an annual conference in the fall for teachers in the community as continued education.

Covid-19 Education

During the COVID-19 pandemic, HCH was able to host an educational outreach about social distancing and hand washing.

Future Projects

We hope to add a farm, crops, and a chicken project (as funds allow) to continue to help provide food for our community.

You can provide hope for a vulnerable child
for $25 a month.

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