Continued Construction

Thanks to God and all those that have Prayed and Funded HCHO. We have had a very busy summer and Fall School starts September 9, 2019.

Starting in June we have had many projects and about 30 construction employees, working 6 days a week. The Medical Clinic now has daily sustainable electricity. This allowed our water well to have an electric water pump added. The medical laboratory has been completed and used for many patients.

4 new classrooms have been built to ensure expansion for grades 6-9. The work began with leveling, foundations, floors, walls, and now a concrete roof with much steel, to help with earthquake resistance.

One kindergarten class was completed with finished walls, ceiling, floors, permanent chalkboards, and paint. The paint includes a finish, with Disney caricatures, Bible scripture, and daily attendance history.

While all this construction continued, we were able to have Summer Education Courses, including elementary band, english language, and Adult Literacy Class.

Saturdays continued with ‘Kid’s Club’ at Morne Barbeau and Destra. This included our ‘Genius Competition’ to include science, bible, and other areas of knowledge. The 2 Clubs had attendance of 300 to 400 weekly.

HCHO hosted a 4 day Teachers Seminar, to include 41 teachers in the area, to broaden their knowledge and skills. The areas of training included advanced math, integration of bible into the classroom, and many other areas of interest.

In 2 weeks we have a couple of guys delivering, 12 additional band instruments, 6 computers, and perhaps an upgraded lab microscope.

With this, many children can learn to play an instrument and we can start a computer course, with other computers that we have in Haiti.

This Fall 2019, as classes resume, we will be feeding more than 5,000 meals a month. We should have more than 230 students in classes from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. This will be our 5th year of School. We are planning modernization of the temporary Kitchen this Fall.

We would appreciate additional prayer and funding as you can. Our current needs are feeding of children, upgrade of kitchen, water distribution, an additional farm, and completion of school electricity.

One of the best ways to help with the children, is through Child Sponsorship, for $25 a month for each child. Our food expenses are still our biggest budget item, and then teachers pay. The medical clinic staff pay budget is separate.

Thanks again for considering funding us as we strive to continue to be a good steward of your funds at 97% of each dollar still going to Haiti.

God’s rich blessings to you,

Jacob Wilson HCHO

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