July 12 Update


Just got back from 3 weeks in Haiti. Things were extremely busy. School Exams

were in progress. The Medical Clinic was busy with planning and patients. The Laboratory Construction was in process. 4 new classrooms were started with leveling, foundations, and concrete work.

7 Years were Celebrated of HCHO. 300 or more children enjoyed music, speeches, acting, band performance, poetry, and dancing. It was followed by wonderful Haitian Food.

This Summer; Band Class, English Class, Adult Literacy Course, and Kid’s Clubs

continue at Morne Barbeau and Destra. It was enjoyable to help teach English and attend Band Class.

Summer construction will continue, with a minimum of 2 rooms needed before September, ready for school. We hope to complete most Medical Clinic items needed for improved healthcare. The Medical Clinic will start school medical check-ups for each student this Summer.

The electric pump on the water well is working very good for the community and HCHO. Having electricity is a major improvement. It is a complex system with 3 solar panels, 8 batteries, an inverter, and a generator if needed. This is the first time ever for sustainable electricity in the area.

Other things that have happened, are that since Kid’s Club in Destra the church has grown. The church at Morne Barbeau has continued to be at maximum capacity all 3 Sundays. Really, the most important thing we do is introduce children to God. We also get to love, serve, and teach them Christian principals.

Our 5 Programs: Kid’s Club, Education, Health Care, Food for Life, and Child Sponsorship are allowing us to do the maximum good in the area.

Needs: We need people to continue to pray daily for HCHO, share funding, and to go and serve, when possible. Our top priorities this Summer/Fall is to complete the New Classrooms, Medical Clinic items, and expand the Band Instruments.

Thanks for your time and support. May God Bless Us, as we move forward.

In Jesus,

Jacob Wilson HCHO

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