April 2021 Newsletter – Happy Easter!

Greetings from Haiti’s Children’s Hope!

Thank God for Easter and for another year to serve Him during our 9th year of HCH! 2021 continues as we educate and feed children, making a difference in their lives and that of the community. We live the vision of loving and serving children in the most impoverished country in our hemisphere. 2020 had many challenges, and most of you have continued to help us love and serve the children through our programs.

During the pandemic, we completed construction on the middle school. We built 2/3 of the kitchen/cafeteria and bought a farm. The farm already has crops planted and bananas harvested.

Our five programs are operating efficiently and have been very productive:
1. Education
2. Kids Clubs
3. Child Sponsorship
4. Food for Life
5. Medical

We have just received funds for 10 additional goats for our students. Our farm is ready to receive rain for the rainy growth season. We are working on the development of irrigation. We have planted 5 lemon trees on HCH property. On school property, the 4th grade children planted cucumbers. The children are being educated on how to grow food which will then eventually allow them to sell it, providing an additional source of income for their families.

We still have many challenges in Haiti, but through your prayers and support, we are continuing to bring hope to a new generation. Our Haitian team works hard each day and prays for us and our challenges in the USA. Our USA team is still progressing to continue the flow of prayer and funds to Haiti. I love how this all works and blesses all of us.

In Jesus for His Children,
Jacob Wilson HCHO

P.S. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the farm, you may do so at https://haitischildrenshope.org/give and note “Farm.”

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