March 2021 Newsletter – Jacob’s Haiti Visit

MARCH 8, 2021

Greetings! I hope this finds you well. I just came back from Haiti last Wednesday & have lots of updates for you. 

In spite of the many challenges and dangers, our Haitian Team continues to love and serve children in the areas of Morne Barbeau and Destra. Political unrest, gang violence, and disease are some of the ongoing situations that affect our programs. Our 5 programs continue to demonstrate their success, by meeting the needs of the poor and hungry in each area. 

During this year, we have added 2 water wells, added the 7th grade, and supported medical health checks for over 500 students from another organization. We have completed the Middle School building construction and have 2/3 of the Kitchen/Cafeteria complete. 

We just took possession of a farm (not yet fully paid for) for food sustainability for our lunches, supporting 6,000 meals a month. Meals are served 6 days a week. The new farm includes, banana, mango, avocado, lum, and papaya trees already producing fruit. We just planted beans and corn; at the school we planted lemon trees and have large avocado trees. 

The whole year is good for growing food with the tropical climate. We hope to add irrigation for the less rainy seasons. Other farm production to be considered will be poultry and fish. 75% of the farm purchase funds have been raised, but we still need $7500 to complete the purchase. If you feel led to give, please visit and mark “FARM” on your donation.

We are so grateful for all your generosity that has built our four large buildings: Main School, Middle School, Kitchen/Cafeteria, and Medical Clinic. These buildings make all the ministry of HCH possible each and every day. We are hoping to put the finishing touches on these buildings in the months ahead.

Our next planned construction is to finish the administration room floor and the modern kitchen/cafeteria. We plan to use propane fuel cooking. We would like to complete and finish interior and exterior concrete to walls, ceilings, floors and paint. We would like to complete modern electrical and plumbing. 

We can’t wait to complete the current campus infrastructure for the ministry built over these almost 9 years of serving and loving children. To give toward these finishing projects visit and mark “FINISH” on your donation.

We expect these buildings to be here for over the next 50 years. We expect future generations to continue Haiti’s Children’s Hope’s mission of loving children and the community. Thanks for your support and helping us make a true difference in children’s lives and the future of Haiti. 

To God be the Glory,
Jacob Wilson // President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.


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