December 1, 2020 Newsletter

December 1, 2020

Happy Holidays!!!

HCHO exists to meet spiritual, nutritional, educational, social, and medical needs of Haitian Children in Morne Barbeau and Destra areas. Thanks for your prayers and financial contributions to each of these areas!

We are in our 9th year of serving the area and 6th year of school. Haiti’s Children’s Hope has over 250 children in school, grades Kindergarten to 7th Grade. We are currently feeding 6,000 nutritious meals monthly. Our Kids Clubs have up to 400 each Saturday.

This year we had opportunities to add 2 water wells for the local church and community. This provides daily water for more than 1,000 local people. We were able to do ‘Emergency Feeding’, during hard days due to COVID-19. Construction on our Middle School was completed in May. Starting in June we began construction on an updated, indoor kitchen to replace our makeshift outdoor kitchen.

December brings us to Christmas once again. This is a joyous time, but not a time of abundance of gifts for our students in Haiti. It is a time to celebrate God’s Gift to us. HCH plans to provide nutritional food gifts for each of the children, teachers, and staff if funding allows.

We are looking forward to 2021 with great expectation!

  • We are hoping to finish the new kitchen and cafeteria
  • We are hopeful to purchase a small farm to provide sustainable food for our school and Kids Clubs
  • We are hoping to complete our search for our new doctor and start an immunization program

If you’re interested in helping financially with any of these endeavors feel free to contact us for more information. You can give through our website or by sending a check to our corporate address, 5301 S. Coddington Ave. Lincoln, Nebraska 68523

Currently, we have 166 students supported through Child Sponsorship at $25 a month. We are still in need of 84 student sponsors. Each sponsor helps support a child with educational, nutritional and basic medical needs. For our students without sponsors we must use our general fund. Will you pray with us that 2021 will bring a sponsor for each child? If you know someone who might be interested, sign up is easy at

We are so thankful for all of you that have generously supported us in 2020 and may God bless you all!

Merry Christmas!!

Jacob Wilson
President HCHO

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