March 2024 Newsletter

March 2024

Greetings! I hope your new year is going well and you’re looking forward to spring. 

  • We are in our 9th year of school, now Kindergarten to 10th Grade
  • This is our 12th year of HCHO and Kid’s Club
  • We thank God for our 300 active students!

We want to thank Lifeline Ministries for sharing food resources during these troubled times in Haiti. As we battle double-digit inflation and unrest in the country, we are still able to pay staff salaries and feed over 7,000 meals monthly.

We are currently continuing to look for $50,000 in grants or funds to complete our larger projects: the updated kitchen, high school updates, toilets, playgrounds, and electricity. Steel windows and doors for the high school could be completed for about $4,800. Construction projects are currently on hold.

We are thankful for the many accomplishments of 2023! The farm house, irrigation, and fish farm are doing well and help us subsidize our food program. We are thankful for the high school additions including a roof that provides the space to educate older students.

Child Sponsorship is still the key to providing a child with spiritual opportunities, education, meals, and basic medical needs. 

26 years ago my wife and I sponsored a child in Haiti with another organization. In 2010, there was a major earthquake that prompted a trip to Haiti where I met our sponsored child. In 2012, I returned to Haiti to follow-up on the construction of a $5,000 2-room home for her and her family. 

During those trips, the door was opened to begin Haiti’s Children’s Hope by helping a Haitian couple serve local children at a weekly Saturday bible study. It grew from 18 children to our school of 300. We have continued to grow and serve during hurricanes, Covid-19, earthquakes, political unrest, and gangs.

Our team is on the ground serving children and meeting daily needs, but we are in need of additional Child Sponsors. Haitian children have a real hunger for a daily meal, education, and a future. For $25 a month we can help meet their needs and help develop their hunger for God as well. Thanks for considering child sponsorship or an additional child during this very challenging time.

May God bless you!
Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.


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