December 2023 Newsletter

December 2023

Faith, Hope, and Love. But the Greatest of these is Love!!! 

Greetings!!!! Merry Christmas! 

I just returned from Haiti. Thank God for a safe and productive trip. It was great to see many Haitian friends and the children from our school. I had many meetings with the leadership, administration,10th grade, and the support staff, including our cooks. I thank God for all of them and all they’re doing to impact their community and country!

This year we have finished the farmhouse, water well electric pump, irrigation, and a fish farm (aquafarm). Fish for our school to eat with meals should be available late December. This will add nutritional protein for our students. 

In September, we finished our High School, Phase #1 construction. It still needs steel windows, plumbing and electricity but it is functional for use with the 10th grade. 

We continue to feed, educate, and provide basic medical care for all our students. We continue to make fresh water available from our 4 water wells. Our Saturday Kids Club continues weekly. 

The country continues to have many difficulties and challenges. Besides insecurity, inflation has a very negative effect on the community and their ability to acquire basic needs. The country has had about 40 percent inflation each year, since 2021. We are putting construction projects on hold. We are focusing the funds we have on continuing to feed lunches daily and teachers salaries. 

We thank God for our Haitian Team serving children daily through meals, Christian education, and health care. We are currently feeding over 7,000 meals a month. We also have a total of 32 teachers, many part-time along with approximately 15 full-time. Junior High and High School require many academic courses. 

We would appreciate your prayers, funds, and support during these dangerous times in Haiti. We are praying for a more secure Haiti for all who live there. The work we do to care for children and families is important work. We are depending on God and his people to help us during this time, as we struggle to keep meals and education available for our 300 students. 

May God bless you during this Christmas and holiday time. We are expecting many areas of improvement and progress in 2024 for Haiti and Haiti’s Children Hope. To God be the glory. 

In Him for His Children,
Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.

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