HCH Farm Update // Fall 2020

Greetings! I’m excited to share with you a new opportunity for HCH! We are prayerfully moving toward the purchase of a local farm.

At HCH, the purchase of food is currently our highest budget item. I thank God for our daily meal programs where children have access to at least one good, healthy meal, 6 days a week. We are currently feeding 6,000 meals per month. 

We have been looking for a small sustainable farm in the area for over a year to help provide the food we need for our school and Kids Clubs. It would also provide local farm hands employment, with a fair wage. 

We have found a farm that looks like a good fit for our needs. It’s located near our church and community water well which allows for some irrigation, if needed, giving us year round growing opportunities. This would improve the lives of many children by providing secure food sources. We could provide: poultry, fish, goats, vegetables and fruit for their nutritional needs.

The cost of the purchase of this property is $28,000 US Dollars. The farm currently has sugarcane and bananas. We are currently completing our new, modern kitchen and cafeteria and we expect it to be completed in January. It would be great to have a farm, to supply food raised by local farmers and provide food for our mission for years into the future. 

Thanks for considering joining us in this important venture. Recently we received gifts from two of our supporters for a total of $28. The $28 has put a tug in my heart. I imagine two people sacrificing their coffee or candy bars for a week. We have so many good people that share with us during these uncertain times and we are very grateful.

We do our best to wisely use every dollar given. More than 98 cents on the dollar goes directly to our programs. We have currently raised $878 of the $28,000 needed and would love to have you join us in working toward the farm purchase in any way that you are able.  Please know that your gifts are bringing hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Join us in feeding vulnerable children in Haiti, visit our website – www.haitischildrenshope.org – and click the “DONATE” button to give any amount.

Jacob Wilson/ President HCHO

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