HCH Haitian Director 10 Year Letter

HCHO 10 years anniversary – June 2022

What a mighty God we serve!!!! 

When I was a child, I used to sing this song, and as I grew older, I found the meaning of this song in my daily life. God is great and powerful. He does everything with wonder. 

On the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of HCHO as an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of children and parents while bringing them to God; our words of thanks and feelings of gratitude go to God. For all accomplishments it was planned in advance for HCHO. A big thank to all supporters & friends who believe in HCHO’s vision, who have contributed in various ways to HCHO’s advancement: Glencoe Church, Christ Place, Everlasting Church, Cushing Church, Riddle Family, Oklahoma Team, Tampa Christian Church, Samaritan Purse, Tim Rife, Gain, Ifosud, every special donor who has blessed HCHO over the years. A big thank you to our friend Jacob Wilson and his family who sacrificed themselves in the last dimension to carry that dream further. Thanks to every HCHO employee, the team members in Haiti who sacrificed for HCHO to be here today. More thanks to all of those who volunteer. Thanks are not enough! 

In the difficult conjuncture Haiti is going through, for so many people, hope is over. Throughout the difficult years, HCHO has always stood by God to shine the light of hope for members of the Morne Barbeau community and its surrounding areas. Today we are able to celebrate the great impact HCHO programs bring to the community. Several members of the community testified that HCHO contribution was worth more than gold. HCHO continues to believe that another generation of leaders, reliable, honest Haitian citizens is possible. He will continue to work on his side to produce this category of people. 

During these 10 years, HCHO has been present in the life of the community to bring its services to meet their needs. It builds homes for families in need, opens spaces for community members to celebrate funerals, provides community drinking water, and helps families with goats in the Food For Life program that gives them the opportunity to buy cows, go into business, etc. 3 pipes for wells to be established and one repaired in the Barbeau and Morne Barbeau communities. A Christian school serves more than 250 students each year, training teachers and principals each year to update their capacity to teach and lead, a health center that assists students and community members when they are sick. 2 kids clubs in two different communities that host children every Saturday to train the new generation. HCH purchased a new piece of land for developing agriculture and other culture for providing children with organic food. All the glory for God that allows these things happens to bring relief to the Haitian people suffering from poverty is undeserved. 

As we celebrate, we are thinking that HCHO has more than 7 communities asking for a partnership to work with children, 3 schools asking for support but financial limitations prevent it from meeting this important demand. More than 1,000 children in these 7 communities are eagerly awaiting the HCHO training program to be on the path of development. For a month, club activities in HCHO cost about $800 US. I am thinking of the HCHO kitchen that must be finished so that the children can eat in better conditions. 

In the next 5 to 10 years, HCHO has dreamed of a vocational school to further the education of its children and others in need of this service, a chemical course to transform items to help people live better, a library room, computer and internet room so that children can become acquainted with new technologies and become familiar with science. A language lab, an experimental lab, for students to continue to develop their knowledge, finish kitchen construction, and build 4 new classrooms again to finish in NSK4. 

There are several lessons that 10 years have taught us: 

  1. Never tire of relying on God in every detail of our institutions; 
  2. May we always be happy in God; 
  3. Team spirit is the foundation we build on if we build strong institutions; 
  4. We must always dream big, if we do not have great ambitions we will end up not living great things in our lives; 
  5. To develop a victorious mentality, let us always believe in victory; 
  6. Reliable institutions always seek results, sustainable results; 
  7. Beginnings are never easy, but you need to start somewhere anyway; 
  8. Only those who have vision, who have conviction, can celebrate their dreams; 
  9. Transparency, accountability, seriousness protect your institution; 
  10. Never get tired of looking for serious people, don’t be biased, look for people who have the skills to put in everything you do. 

Dear friends, we would like you to pray for HCHO and his ministry. Pray for our staff, pray for us to have financial ways to continue to work for God’s glory.

(From our Haitian HCH Director, whose name we’ve removed for his protection)


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