HCH 10 Year Anniversary Letter

As we celebrate HCH’s 10 year anniversary, we wanted to share this letter from one of our former teachers, Makendy.

Geographically well located, on the hills of Morne Barbeau, HCHO laid the first stones of its constructions in a locality where the financial means of the inhabitants are very weak.  A family of two or three children might not be able to send them all to school.  They also had to travel distances to get a little drinking water or to find a health center. Step by step, HCHO solved these problems. It was in the light of such observations that I began to understand the colossal work of this Organization and its mission in this community.  

When I joined HCHO in 2018, it was mainly as a music and English teacher.   Very quickly, many things caught my attention.  It is also through these reasons I liked to wear my gray jersey which had the logo of the Organization in the back. Here are three of them: 

Firstly, it was the children’s particular interest in English and music. They love music and you can’t imagine how happy the children felt to be able to have a little basic conversation in English or to play a piece of music during a school activity. They learned with joy and enthusiasm during class hours. Parents also showed satisfaction and pride in what their children were able to do. 

Secondly, the love that reigned in the Organization.  If you look closely, you could say that only roles differentiate people.  The harmony between the principal and the teachers is the same with the kitchen staff or those who do the cleaning.  There is always a little joke in the hallways to liven up the day. People work in respect, love and brotherhood and they also love what they do.  

Then, comes the deeper side and that’s what I love the most: HCHO’s key target group. Everybody knows that  helping is good, but there is nothing better than when the help of the giver goes directly to those who need it most. This is exactly what HCHO does : help the most needy. It transforms people’s lives by offering them what is truly vital for their growth on a spiritual, social and educational level.  Each new thing added in its program corresponds to something that can improve the quality of life in the community.

I love the Organization.  Its changes are evident in the community.  That’s why I strongly encourage the work it does.  True to its mission, HCHO is an institution whose name aligns with its mission and achievements.

Makendy Spady
Former HCH Teacher

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