HCH Secretary 10 Year Letter

Leogane, May 20th, 2022

HCHO took birth with the purpose to remove children from spiritual, intellectual and economic poverty. In this idea, a group of Christian leaders joined Bersony and his wife, Milienne to work to respond to Jesus ‘ command in Matt. 19:14, Luke 18:16.  Wegens invited his friend Jacob Wilson to join the movement in view of freeing children from misery. Therefore, Jacob Wilson committed himself and provided full support to help children out of poverty. At the beginning of these activities, the children attended spiritual, socio-emotional training.

Every Saturday the kids club met at Bersony’s house and we found notable support that welcomed our activities. It was a moment where we were looking for how we can reach a vision and mission to make HCHO a veritable organization that targets children’s integral development.  In that sense, we understood the necessity of paying for school for children who could not attend school due to the lack of resources of their parents.

That idea was not too cheap because there were some schools that preferred to earn money wrongly from our organization – while we were paying them, they required parental pay as well. A few years ago, we changed that idea; we decided to set up our own school to welcome children. That idea was well received in the community.

In September 2015 we opened our school. We are working every day for this school to become a reference in the community. After a few years, we set up many other community development programs, such as Food for Life, where we grant loans to the parents of the kids. Children received goats that they raise so they can take their babies and returned the goat to another child so that he could have his/her own goat. Some parents got the money traded and had to return that money without interest. Today Food for Life remains standing but the program creates a cap. During that time, Jacob Wilson’s illness came. We began praying that God could heal him. His doctor has revealed that he has blood cancer and there is no hope for him to live longer.

We saw in Jacob a man who has God’s trust but who waits for his Salvation to be reunited, but God has shown that he will not die now because he has a mission that must be fulfilled for Him. He traveled to Haiti where the leaders of the Barbeau Christian Church and some groups in that church joined in to pray for him. When he returned to the U.S., medical results revealed that he is in remission. All glory be to our God! It was a huge relief to Jacob and all HCHO members. The children celebrate Jacob’s recovery as a miracle God performs. All of us who are part of the organization recognize how God acted for Jacob.

After that great event, Jacob’s family and many friends stood with him to make HCHO move forward. We set up a clinic to provide care to the children and to serve the community. We have made many other accomplishments in the Morne Barbeau community such as digging a water pump to provide drinking water and support the Barbeau Christian Church in many projects.

We invest in various domains for children’s integral development. Children learn to develop agriculture, learn music and develop intellectual abilities. 

Today we say thanks to God for the past ten years where we have seen how He acted in the middle of turmoil and how he allowed many children to be reached by the blessings of a Christian team which gave themselves the goals to fulfill the HCHO mission of the Morne Barbeau community. God has made everything great for its own time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). For this ten year, thanks to God’s help we can celebrate:

  1. A school serving the community
  2. A water pump serving the community
  3. Kids clubs
  4. A medical clinic
  5. An agricultural farm
  6. Good relationship with Barbeau Christian Church.

We thank all of our supporters and volunteers for how they help us make a difference in the lives of the children.  All the glory be to God!

Happy ten years to all of you who helped us in the good and bad times. Our God is faithful and He will continue to work to transform the challenges into opportunities. 

Pastor Jimmy
HCH Secretary

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