September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022

Greetings! Thank God for Summer 2022! Things are very busy at HCH. 

  • We had a couple of Summer school sessions: Computer 101 and Solar Electricity. These courses were taught by professionals in the field. 
  • We had a 4 day camp, requested by other schools. 
  • We held a teacher’s seminar. 
  • Our farm is developing well, nearing functional completion. We have irrigation, security fences and a new guardian. We have plans for poultry and a fishery, as funding allows. 
  • We had our Financial Director visit the USA this Summer and he made 14 presentations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Florida. We were able to share about the last 10 years and discussed the future development of HCH. 

As some of you know, there is a new Kids Club in Nakuru, Kenya based off our Kids Club model. It has been having bible study and lunch for 4 months now. It has up to 60 farm kids in the rural area. The leadership there is very involved with poverty and issues of the day. 

There was a very sad circumstance involving a parent that took their life because they had lost hope to feed their children. When our Financial Director left Nebraska, he shared personal funds to help the children of that family in Kenya. I was moved that a Haitian, would reach out in this manner. 

HCH school opens in September, with 325 students already registered. What a blessing! We will have 3 classes of kindergarten. We have also added a 9th grade class so students can continue their education. We continue to look for child sponsors for an additional 100 students, as our school continues to expand. This helps with day to day feeding, education, and medical needs. If you’d like to sponsor a child please let us know via email or our website:

Our modern kitchen has been funded to be functional and operational by October. We will be feeding almost 8,000 meals a month. With construction, we continue to improve our campus and farm. 

Thanks again for all those that have prayed, gone to Haiti, shared items, and given funds over the last 10 years. We are excited about the future, but deal with many daily challenges. Our Haiti Team is strong and capable, with God’s help and a little help from our sponsors. I thank God for our Haiti and USA Team. 

In Him for His Children,
Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.
Lincoln, Nebraska

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