October 2022 Newsletter

October 25, 2022

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31 

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Children are still being helped and encouraged, during Haiti’s darkest days. Our people are living and surviving day by day, by God’s grace. 

Many of you have seen the headline news, about the gangs and political system, as well as the dark spiritual evil, in all parts of Haiti. Schools all over the nation are still not open, due to gangs, politics, inflation, the fuel crisis and travel bans. These travel bans are in the countryside as well as the metropolitan areas. 

People are hungry, without safe water, and restricted from free movement. A gallon of gas, if you can find it, is $25 to $50 a US gallon. Travel to a hospital is difficult, assuming the hospital is not closed. Our Pastor had malaria this month and needed to be treated at the hospital. We experienced this hardship of threatened movement and travel, but God made a way, through our connections, for us to get him there. 

Unlike many in Haiti, we have a good infrastructure and an excellent team on the ground in our area to provide basic necessities. Our four water wells, home gardens, and farm help provide food and fresh water. People travel for miles to get water from our wells. We are serving perhaps 1,000 people. 

We still have communication, through cell phones and photos, thanks to our solar electricity. Our vehicles have no fuel. After a couple of weeks of lockdown, our family and friends returned to church and have encouraged each other weekly. In partnership with our church, our leaders have provided help in many ways to the community. 

Life continues with births, sickness, deaths, and day to day survival, in these extremely difficult times. Week #9 of the country’s lockdown started this week. 

We are so thankful for your partnership in these difficult days. Our biggest needs are continued prayers, continued funds, and encouragement to our leadership and friends in Haiti. 

We have plans to continue feeding and educating as many children as possible in the ways we are able. We will work with our students and their families to meet their needs. As you know HCHO is not fearful to serve God even in these hard times. What I fear more is not doing the things God has prepared for us to do.

God gives us protection and helps us mitigate the dangers we face; sickness, insecurity, injustice, and all life challenges. We are in our 11th year together and still looking to God each day. 

Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.
Lincoln, Nebraska


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