December 2022 Newsletter

December 2022

The Light shines in the darkness. John 1:5a 

Greetings! School is opening December 5, 2022! Praise God!! 

We would like to thank each of our child sponsors. We appreciate your continued support, during these difficult and challenging times. We would like to thank our church and corporate sponsors as well. 

We have supported children through spiritual and sustainable programs such as: education, food, farming, micro-business, healthcare and four fresh water wells. All of our programs: Child Sponsorship, Kid Clubs, Education, Healthcare and Community Development have helped during these crises. 

Our 8th year of school had been delayed, as all schools in the country of Haiti, due to unrest. We opened our Kids Club and first 9th grade class last month. We have most of our 325 students, ready to start school now and are excited to have them back.

We have four fresh water wells, serving 1,000 people in the community. We have food growing and feeding Haitians from our farmland, students’ homes, and at our school. Some fuel has been released, after 12 weeks of none being available in the country of Haiti. 

This 11th year of HCHO has been challenging, but we still have many dreams for the future. We feel blessed to have survived this year, in spite of the country’s daily challenges. Good things have happened this year with adding a farmhouse and electrical control over the water system and irrigation. Our nurse has helped many survive in times of healthcare crisis. We have celebrated ten years together as HCH. We had a good summer school, teaching computer and electrical skill classes. 

Together, we have made a difference in the lives of children that are living in true poverty. Our children in Haiti are among the poorest of the poor, but together we have made a difference by feeding, providing fresh water, educating, providing emergency medical care, and celebrating life. 

Merry Christmas in Jesus name!
Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org., Lincoln, Nebraska

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