February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023


Our team on the ground is still working in difficult times in Haiti. We are thankful to be serving children in 2023. Last year was the most challenging year we have had and many organizations have left Haiti. We have been able to continue school, healthcare, and daily meals thanks to God.

We have a European non-profit that is helping us continue construction of a fish farm. We appreciate the nutrients that will help us add to the school meals and Kids Club meals. We will be able to feed our children and sell some fish in the local marketplace. We believe we will be in production by late spring.

We have another opportunity to bring a few Haitian friends to the USA through a new USA Immigration Program. We are looking for a couple of people that might want to be sponsors for our Haitian friends and family. If you have any interest, contact me for more details, as they develop.

The school, including 9th grade, continues to integrate Christian principles into daily life. Our Haitian leaders continue to be on the ground focusing on the daily needs of each of our students. We are starting general construction again and praying to finish our modern kitchen. We have plans in the fall to open another class room for the 10th grade. We still have a library and computer room in mind.

2023 comes to us with a vision of a better future and continuing to love and serve children in our area and all of Haiti. We have had many requests to expand Kids Clubs to more areas. We could expand these Kids Clubs rapidly, based on our 10 year model, if funded. Of course, we seek your prayers and continued funds, to help us continue to serve the ‘poorest of the poor’, ‘the least of these’. Thanks for your help each month. May God bless your 2023 and keep us in prayer each day.

In Jesus Name for His Children,
Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org

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