March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023


It’s been two years since I returned home to Nebraska from my last trip to Haiti. Every day Haiti has been on my mind. Every day I pray and work on projects. Some days I pray in faith and hope life will be better. Some days I worry about HCH. Thanks to God, I am still healthy and think of my friends and family in Haiti. 

Life has been deteriorating daily in Haiti. I left under the threat of death and kidnapping, but this has become even more rampant and seems to be the way Haiti is now. I’ve tried to return many times, but don’t want to add danger to what the Haitians are already experiencing. 

Life in Haiti has gone on: the assassination of the President, another major earthquake in 2021, daily kidnappings, murder, abuse of women, children and abuse of the church. The political unrest, fuel crisis, inflation, and crop failure have all been stressful and some days seem hopeless. 

Haiti’s Children’s Hope started January 2011, and more officially in June 2012, thanks to the vision of Haitians wanting to build a better life for the children of Haiti with a little help from their friends. We envisioned children having the opportunity to know Jesus, learn Christian principles, and to have a nutritious meal, healthcare and an education. 

We started a Kids Club to meet their needs. Later we started a school and medical clinic. Now we have a farm. In the last two years, many goals have been met, including adding the 8th and 9th grade. We have finished the Administration Room, completed windows and doors on the modern kitchen, and built a new temporary kitchen. We have become responsible for four water wells, built a farmhouse, added irrigation, started a freezer business, and are in the process of building a tilapia farm. We have plans for a poultry farm as well. 

Thanks to you who are in Haiti and those who give generously in prayer and finances, we have continued to love and serve children. To our Haitian team we say thank you. You continue to serve the ‘least of these”. Thank you for your enduring faith and for continuing to love and serve God. Thanks for your integrity and wise use of funding. 

10 years, 20 trips, many teams and many people faithfully support our projects. We have much to be thankful and grateful for in the middle of Haiti’s current state of crisis. 

We thank God that with or without our US Team on the ground, we have Haitians in place that function and accomplish all that is needed, with some important financial support from the USA. Our people in Haiti have the skills and resources to continue caring for Haitian children. 

Our church in Haiti is very strong with people that love God and serve Him daily. We are now in the process of adding Kids Club #3 and #4. We are investing in the future of many Haitian children in times of continued country crisis. God is continuing to bless us and the children of Haiti. 

We are planning a High School – grades 10,11 and 12. This will include a computer room and a library. We have raised $5,000 of the $52,000 needed for this project. We welcome your prayers and financial support as construction starts June 2023! 

Thanks again to our Haitian family. They inspire me daily and I see God’s work in all that they do for the children and future of Haiti. HCH is serving God in spite of all the challenges. Together we are bringing hope and love to many children.

In Jesus Name for His Children,
Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.


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