January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022

Greetings! As I end 2021 and begin 2022, my heart and mind are in Haiti. Many thanks to our Haitian and US Team!!!! 

Praise God for another year of opportunities to serve the poor and those that are in need of Jesus. 2021 was full of impossible challenges and difficulties that we have never seen in Haiti, all at the same time. It seemed like all of these came at once which made it feel impossible to continue ministry, to love and serve the children and community. 

The year of Covid-19 continued, as it did worldwide, with the many other diseases already active in Haiti. A presidential assassination was terrible in a year of many political difficulties. Another major earthquake destroyed hundreds of schools and churches, as well as causing many deaths and injuries. Gangs continue to kidnap Haiti’s citizens, church members, businessmen, educators, school children and foreigners, after the exit of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces two years ago. Poverty, inflation, fuel shortages, hospital closures, food prices, construction prices, school closings, and bank issues continue to plague the country. These challenges create impossible situations! But God…………. 

Amazingly, much has been done to help feed and educate children in our area. Opportunities are in the Storm! God answers prayers…. I visited Haiti in February. In spite of being moved four times for my safety and the security of our team, we accomplished much work on current situations. We developed a priority list of things needing to be completed to sustain our ministry for the years into the future. 

We praise God for many blessings:

  • This year our crowded 6th grade class moved to the larger middle school classroom 
  • We hired an Administrative Assistant
  • We completed all steel doors and windows in the new kitchen
  • We put in steel guardrails on stairways
  • 50 lemon trees were given to students and added to school property
  • The 4th and 7th grade students had gardening class and harvested vegetables 
  • An entry level computer course was held this summer
  • Security fencing was added to the new farm purchased this year
  • The farm has produced bananas, corn, beans and other fruit tree produce
  • Ten goats were added to the program to support local families
  • One new water well was added and three others were repaired last month
  • Four partners joined us this year:
    1. LifeLine Christian Ministry shared 14,000 meals recently 
    2. International Farmers for Sustainable Development (IFOSUD) helped us with farm development and student training
    3. Global Aid Network (GAiN) drilled a new water well on our farm for irrigation
    4. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) shared a flight with us to travel over the dangerous west side of Port-au-Prince. 

In desperate times God provided people and organizations to help us make a difference in children’s lives. Child Development, Education, Health Care, Child Sponsorship and Community Development are the tools we use to support children in the most impoverished and dangerous country in the western hemisphere. We serve a God of possibilities that has positioned us to love and serve, through faith, and to give hope to children now and in the future. 

We pray for Haiti in 2022 and what possibilities it may bring. Perhaps every child will be sponsored and all current campus structures will be completed. Maybe we will be able to add a poultry coup, library, more electricity, a better water system, or other things. Join us as we pray for God’s leading in 2022. 

We are praying for a better, safer, kinder Haiti to raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders, providing for future generations. Haiti’s Children’s Hope is in the storm and providing daily for the needs of over 400 children. Thanks to each of you for the prayers and support you have provided. Thank you for your faithfulness for these 9 1/2 years. 

To God be the Glory!

Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.

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