April 2022 Newsletter

April 2022


I traveled to Nakuru, Kenya last month. As the President of Haiti’s Children’s Hope, I went to Africa to discuss expanding our Kids Club model into Kenya, based on designs we have developed in areas of extreme poverty in Haiti. Some in Haiti are saying I was a missionary to the homeland, sharing hope and ideas for the development of spiritual, nutritional, social, medical and educational programs.

We believe in making a difference in children’s lives, in their own culture and community, according to the principals of Jesus.

While in Kenya I got to visit Harmony, our sponsored child of 16 years. She was born HIV positive, but through prayer and modern medicine, she is HIV free. I also got to be with Peter, a good friend for 17 years and an International Kenyan Film Star. It was good to be with them.

Good things are also taking place in Haiti. Our friends of Global Aid Network (GAiN) have helped us drill a deep well and put in an electrical water pump. Our farm is doing very well. We are excited about the construction of a new farm building to protect our electrical water well pump, tools, and a guardian to watch over the land.

Our Haitian team still works daily to serve, protect, and share with children in deep poverty. They do this in spite of the many difficult challenges and dangers of Haiti. Some of our work involves saving children’s lives from 3rd world disease and accidents. Haiti has extremely poor health care. It has gotten worse as many doctors have been targets of kidnappings.

Before Christmas, we were able to get life-saving hospital care for one of our students, who was dying of typhoid. After infused medicine and a few nights in the hospital, he is back to health and returned to school.

Another child in our Kid’s Club had been in a motorcycle accident, as a passenger on the way to school. The accident crushed his leg below the knee. His leg was amputated, as the parents were too poor to pay for extended treatment. Unfortunately, the leg became very infected and endangered our student’s life. Our Haiti administration and school nurse took action and were able to nurse this student back to health. We have plans to help get a prosthetic leg when the time is appropriate.

Thanks to everyone’s support and help in 2022 we are making a big difference daily in children’s lives. Thanks to our team on the ground in Haiti and their love for children.

In Him for His Children,

Jacob E. Wilson
President Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.
Lincoln, Nebraska

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