September 1, 2020 Newsletter

September 1, 2020

Haiti’s Children’s Hope School resumed August 10, 2020 and we are thankful! The end of July was full of meetings with the teachers, staff, and administration as they prepared for a year full of unusual circumstances. We also held meetings with the parents. These are difficult times, as we all know, because of the unknown effects of the virus.

Construction continues on the new kitchen and cafeteria. We hope you’ve seen the photos on our Facebook page: Haiti’s Children’s Hope Organization. Our cooks prepared food for a teacher’s conference and now cook for the children daily in the open. Most days, the rain is in the afternoon this season so we’re making do with what we have. Please follow us on Facebook for the most current photos and updates directly from the school & staff!

Our Middle School is complete with finished concrete and paint. Thanks to all of you who gave finances to make this possible! The School Administration and staff will move to the new building. As school continues to open, we will have students in Kindergarten – 6th Grade while we work on setting up advanced courses for these new grades.

We continue to have daily challenges in Haiti, such as daily limited access to our funds in the bank, shortage of concrete, shortage of diesel fuel, food insecurity, Port-au-Prince gangs, and Coronavirus. In spite of all of this, HCH has been able to provide bulk food for thousands of meals for the children. We have continued to provide community water, health care, and construction. We have provided 20 construction jobs for most of the year. We have been able to pay our teachers and employees their salaries. We still have our team and are ready to teach, feed, and provide hope for the community. So much to be thankful for!

Also, we are very excited to announce that our website has been updated! Please visit to see what’s new. Feel free to share the site with your friends & family on social media. The more awareness people have of HCH, the more we can provide for the children and their families.

HCH is now 8 years old and this is our 6th year of school. Last year we had 230 students. Thanks for all of the prayers, funds, and travel to Haiti.

We would love to have you be a part of all God is doing. Here are our current needs:
1. General donations for periodic emergency feeding, ongoing projects like our kitchen, etc.
2. Child sponsors – bring hope for $25/child.

Please join us in prayer about these potential future projects for the years ahead:

  • Purchase of a farm near HCH
  • Building a church/school at Destra where we currently hold a Kids Club
  • A church and conference center at HCH

To God be the Glory. Thanks for all he has done. May we continue to love and serve our Haitian Family and Friends.

In Jesus,
Jacob Wilson
President HCH

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