July Newsletter 2021

July 2021

Haiti Prayer Alert!

In the last 11 years, Haiti has survived perhaps the most devastating earthquake in world history, major hurricanes, political unrest, and now a presidential assassination. Please be praying with us as they navigate these uncertain times.

Haiti’s people continue to struggle with poverty, hunger, education, illiteracy, slums, gangs, and kidnappings of their citizens. No one appears to be safe or secure from hunger and food insecurity. This remains at the top of the list of issues that seem to never go away. 

However, the church, corporations, and individuals continue to rise and help those around Haiti. They are there to assist, nurture, and present God to the Haitian people. 

Our HCH core leadership is still in place, faithfully loving people as they walk through spiritual and physical struggles. Our organization has not abandoned the children or their future. Our Haitian team is on the ground, involved in the daily battle, assisted by your faithful prayers and support.

Our friend & HCH Accountant, Construction Engineer, Architect and Creole Teacher, Adler, is coming to the USA this fall on behalf of the Haitian children and HCH to share with people all that God is doing in Haiti through HCH. This will be his 3rd time to visit us and continue the journey that we are on together. We will be traveling through Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Florida to share time and our story with you. This is an investment he makes to continue loving and serving the Haitian people by bringing awareness to others & praying that more will get involved with what God is doing there. 

HCH plans to continue loving and serving our 250 schoolchildren and Kids Clubs through our 5 Programs: Child Sponsorship, Healthcare, Education, Kids Club, & Community Development. We plan to continue educating, feeding, nurturing, and assisting families in crisis in the community. If you are interested in Adler and me speaking to your church staff, congregation, corporation, or any individual, let us know, and we will try to stop by with a short PowerPoint and presentation. 

May God bless HCH as we move forward, bringing hope to Haiti’s children. 

Jacob Wilson
President – Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.
(402) 430-4078 / srwilson8@hotmail.com

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