September 2021 Newsletter

September 2021


We are so thankful to have had Adler in the States in August & September 2021. Adler and I were able to update everyone on our current progress and the challenges faced in our programs in Haiti. We traveled and spoke to folks in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Florida. We were able to share many stories and enjoy time with many of our friends and family. We were able to raise funds for Southern Haiti Earthquake victims as well. Our hearts are broken for all they’ve been through and we’re glad to be able to help in some way.

Our HCH school opened this week, with about 300 students registered to attend 2021-2022 classes! We are so excited to have children from Kindergarten to 8th Grade with about 20 teachers on our team.

We will be feeding approximately 7,000 meals a month now, at the school and Kids Clubs. We are continuing to use our temporary kitchen, while we continue to work on our new kitchen. Funding is coming in to continue all of our programs and to complete construction on our four main buildings. We appreciate all those that have helped us in so many ways and are thankful for your continued giving.

We have also been able to continue additional Child Sponsorships, Construction, and planning for a new Poultry Farm. We are trying to finish the main construction items, while daily educating a new generation of children. Each gift given and child sponsored helps us achieve these goals and we’re so thankful.

Haiti continues to have many challenges. There is the earthquake aftermath to the west, gangs to the east, political unrest – as there should be new elections before the end of the year. In the midst of these challenges our programs are providing stability for education, health, child and community development. Our new farm is helping provide meals and income for it all.

This is all accomplished through the partnership of our Haitian Team and US Team, making a difference and transforming children’s lives in Jesus name. Thanks again for your prayers, financial support, and love in action.

Jacob Wilson
President – Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org.
(402) 430-4078 /

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