June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021

Greetings Friends!
It’s hard to believe HCH started 9 years ago with 18 children meeting in Bersoney and Milleane’s humble home and yard after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Bersoney and Milleane were living in a temporary plywood house, as theirs had been destroyed. They dedicated their lives to the children in their neighborhood through this Kids Club. Soon their Saturday bible study and lunch grew to 300 children for three years as they met many needs.

Today, HCH has grown to include 2 weekly Kids Clubs and four major buildings used throughout the week: School, Middle School, Medical Clinic, and current construction on a Modern Kitchen. We have a deep water well on site. We now own a farm to assist in supporting our 6,000 meals a month. God is good!

These are very dangerous times for our team with the many challenges currently in Haiti with gangs, kidnappings, political unrest, disease. There are spiritual battles happening daily. In spite of it all, we are quietly continuing all five programs and they are meeting 250 children’s needs daily.

We continue to need your daily prayers, more child sponsors, and construction funds, as we feed, educate, and provide healthcare to the children in the area. 100,000 Reasons has about 1/3 of the necessary funds to complete all current construction.

I want to thank the many of you that have supported us for these 9 years and have provided opportunities for children year after year. Many have given $25 monthly for years, and several have faithfully given other funds to continue growth and construction. Your generous giving has had an enormous impact.

I would like to thank our Haitian Team and US Team for their dedication to children living in poverty. We still are able to serve Haiti with only 1% overhead in banking and accounting fees. Therefore, 99% of your funds go directly to the care of Haitian children, food, teachers salaries, employee salaries, medical care, and new construction.

God has blessed HCH year after year and has walked us through the challenges in our area. We thank God for your partnership and the opportunity to serve Haiti together. We have created many employment opportunities for teachers, support people, construction workers, cooks and farmers and may never know the full impact our giving will have.

Thanks again!
Jacob Wilson President HCHO

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